Rhinoplasty Instruments

We have an exhaustive range of rhinoplasty instrument sets that are manufactured in conjunction with leading Rhinologists and plastic surgeons. Our entire range includes specialized and general instruments for rhinoplasty procedures such as chisels, towel forceps, dressing forceps, nose dressing forceps, dissecting scissors, nasal scissors, eye scissors, cuticle scissors, scalpel handle, knives, suction tube, nasal speculum, tongue depressor, nasal cutting forceps, nasal rasps, mucous hook, etc. All our rhinoplasty sets are made of high-quality stainless steel and crafted by adept craftsmen. Our sharp and high-quality rhinoplasty set lessen surgical trauma, reduce the duration of the operative procedure, and provide better postoperative results. Rhinologists, who aim to make the surgery as atraumatic as possible and want to prevent unpredictable scar formation in patients, will surely opt for our rhinoplasty instrument set.

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