Understanding Medical Instruments

A brief introduction to medicine

Medicine refers to the science of health and health problems, the study and practice of health sciences, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of any disease or infection. Medical sciences deal with all external as well as internal disorders or diseases of the body and work for their treatment and prevention. Doctors, nurses, and specialists for specific medical fields deal with the infected or ill person. They help the patients to reduce pain, fight against the problem or disease, remove the infection by surgery or medication, and make the patient’s immunity stronger and more efficient. Thus medicine is one of the basic needs of mankind.

Importance of surgery and medicine

Surgery refers to the branch of medical sciences that deals with injuries, diseases, repair, readjustment, deformities, and other problems of the body. This can also involve the cutting and opening of the body or body parts, and readjustments of organs and tissues of the anatomy of the body. For many diseases like cancers, tumors, and other severe injuries, surgery is considered to be the only treatment and therapy and is also known to help to reduce the risks of death and fatality. 

Surgery and medicine have major importance in human life. This is because almost on daily basis, some person is going through some kind of illness or emergency. The rise in the level of accidents, birth, and spread of new diseases and infections, and the rise in the cases of illnesses like cancers, has caused the importance of surgery and medication to rise to an even higher level. For this purpose, the tools and instruments used for surgery have also become important. The instruments used for surgeries should be hygienic, convenient, and easy to use. Many companies offer such services for medicine and surgery. They offer all kinds of medical services, surgeries, treatments, and prevention of many disorders.

Medical services

The services available in medical sciences include services that treat diseases and infections, help in the readjustment of any body organ, part, or tissue, treat injuries, treat health issues, and give beauty therapies. These services are named and classified according to what treatment they provide. They include surgeries, plastic surgery services, orthopedic services, dental treatments, etc. To carry out these services, some instruments are necessary. These instruments are manufactured and supplied to health-care and medical centers.

Jimy Medical

At Jimmy Medical, we provide surgical instruments for many medical services. Our services include the supply of diagnostics instruments, towels, dressings, holding instruments, scissors, blades, forceps, dissecting instruments, needles, neurosurgical instruments, cardiovascular and thoracic instruments, eye instruments, ENT instruments, etc. Our services for plastic surgery include auricular plastic instruments, measuring and marking instruments, dermatomes, and many more. We also provide instruments and tools for orthopedic therapies like bone levelers, malletes, curretes, etc. We offer tools for dental and other medical and surgery purposes at our company.


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