Opening and Closing Tissue

Welcome to our new “Instruments 101” blog series. Every month we will post some educational information about our products. Great to share with junior colleagues, or those who work with theatres but not necessarily in a surgical capacity.

So without further ado, let’s look at some of the tools clinicians use to perform surgery: opening tissue and closing again.

Opening / Cutting Tissue

Mechanical cutting instruments like simple blades and scissors can be used, or technology such as diathermy (monopolar or bipolar) or ultrasound can also be appropriate. Often surgeons have to cut through many layers of tissue, and different devices may be appropriate for each layer.  As the device becomes more complex it will become more expensive and inevitably more difficult to clean. These instruments often have sharp edges so need to be handled carefully.

Scalpels are often used for cutting as well, and these usually consist of a handle, and single use blade.


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