The Multiple Uses of Lip and Cheek Retractors

Lip and Cheek Retractors

Retractors are important in most surgical procedures. It is used to separate or hold back a surgical incision or a body part for prolonged and greater visibility inside. Lip and Cheek Retractors are medical instruments that are used in oral surgery and dentistry. These retractors are designed for pulling the cheeks from the mouth so that the mouth remains exposed during a surgical procedure. These products are available from reputed suppliers in different shapes and designs to meet different needs.

Benefits of Lip and Cheek retractors

Besides the basic retractors, several companies make lip and cheek retractors that pull the lips back. This exposes the surgical field thus surgeons can work easily and this keeps the mouth dry. These are often used while placing coatings and epoxies on the teeth to keep away moisture. A quick curing agent is used so that patients do not spend much time with a dry mouth.

The retractors are equipped commonly with a tongue blade that can hold a tongue a place. The tongue blade is removable and adjustable so that the dentists receive a perfect fit and can remove it if it is unnecessary for any specific patient. This device in all cases is either adjustable or flexible so that it can fit comfortably.

Uses of Lip retractors and cheek retractors

Lip retractors are used if the front teeth are required to be exposed for examination. Cheek retractors that hold the lips and cheeks back can show all the teeth. They can make the work of dentists easier. One convenient kind of tracking equipment is the one that is hooked over the lips and sides of a mouth.

These retractors are best for dental procedures that need more time and can access the teeth of patients. Many dentists use them while some have assistants who use handheld dental retractors. Retractors made of plastic and metal can be reused after sterilization and some are designed that are disposed of after use.

Different kinds of retractors

Not just lip and cheek retractors, depending on which body part surgical procedure to be performed, different types of retractors are used. Top manufacturers and suppliers in this domain are offering all these retractors such as abdominal retractors, skin retractors, eyelid retractors, fan blade retractors, arterial retractors, thyroid retractors, and vaginal retractors. Retractors are simple and quick to use.

Smooth surgeries with retractors

Retractors increase patient comfort and enable unobstructed visibility for a restorative method.  Some retractors like lip and cheek retractors have multiple uses such as placing orthodontic brackets, removing brackets, and gum surgeries. They provide greater comfort and maximize visibility and access. They are ideal for all kinds of dental procedures.


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