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Ent Instruments Set

An ENT specialist is also known as an otolaryngologist specializes in various diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. These parts of the body have multiple uses apart from hearing, breathing, or taking food items.  Again, these parts of the body remain exposed to the external environment that enhances the risk of various infections and contagious diseases. There are multiple other ENT-related problems such as sleep apnea, headache, migraines continuous sneezing headache, nasal congestion, snoring is treated by the ENT specialist.

ENT specialists use various ENT instruments set for diagnoses and treatments of the ear, nose, and throat. These instruments should be brought from a reputed manufacturer to ensure their qualities and sustainability.

ENT Instruments for treatments  

Various simple and intricate instruments are used in ENT OPD and surgeries:

  • A speculum is used to dilate the orifice region for better visibility. Speculums are available in different sizes. ENT doctors need these speculums; so, hospitals and ENT clinics need to procure all types of speculums.
  • Chiron lamps and headlights are lights to focus inside the ear, nose, or throat. It’s tough to focus inside these parts of the body but highly powerful and technologically advanced sources of light make it possible.
  • Forceps are used to hold a part of an organ. It is like a lever that can grasp a part of the body and apply the necessary pressure.
  • A tongue depressor is used to control the movement of the tongue while the doctor inspects inside the mouth.
  • A tuning fork is used to diagnose the hearing capacity of a patient having hearing problems.
  • The laryngeal mirror is an important part of the ENT instruments set. It helps to see the base of the tongue, epiglottis, glossoepiglottic fold, interarytenoid region, the inlet of the larynx, vocal cord, ventricular bands, and many other parts of the region.
  • A mouth gag is used to keep the mouth open for a prolonged time especially when an operation is going on. Depending on the necessity different kinds of mouth gags are used such as Boyle Davis mouth gag, Jenning’s mouth gag, and Doyen’s mouth gag.

Besides, hundreds of other ENT instruments are used for ENT related treatments and surgeries such as snares of different types are used to remove tonsils, nasal polyps, and aural polyps, otoscope or auriscope is used to examine closely the external auditory canal, oesophagus scope is used to see the oesophegus region, and bronchoscope is used to see the respiratory tract.

Rely on the reputed surgical instruments supplier having extensive market knowledge, offering all ranges of most used medical instruments, ensuring the quality of the products, offering all kinds of medical instruments at reasonable prices, and promising anytime customer support.


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