Basic Surgical Blades and their Uses

Jimy Medical is one of the leading surgical equipment providers in UK. Understanding the fact that there are innumerable surgical equipment suited to different kind of surgeries and medical procedures, we work as one stop shop to meet all you needs. Surgical techs must always have the skill to immediately identify surgical instruments and their use. This write-up talks about different uses of Scalpel Blade, Surgical Instruments UK used for surgical procedures.

While the market is flooded with innumerable options to pick and choose from surgical instruments category, it often becomes a daunting task to identify the use of each one. Scalpel Blade, Surgical Instruments UK is one such important surgical tool that is highly useful in performing numerous medical surgeries. It is indeed fascinating to know that so many instruments, while they all look same, have vivid uses. These tools are used in surgeries performed across various medical branches like plastic surgeries, orthopedic treatments, dental practices, healthcare and beauty procedures, among others. 

Scalpel Blade, Surgical Instruments UK is categorized under single use equipment category. It is a widely used cutting, incising or dissecting instrument. These are also commonly termed as sharps, that are available in various lengths and are probable to be heavy-duty similar to bone scissors.

Some key specifications to consider while picking a Scalpel Blade, Surgical Instruments UK are listed below:

  • The #10 blade is widely used in various surgical applications to cut through skin and subcutaneous tissues making large incisions.
  • The #20 blade comes next which is somewhat bigger in size and is more effective to cut through thicker tissues.
  • The #10, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 blade lengths are usually available in curved shape with the apex of its curve as its sharpest area.
  • The #15 is considered as smallest of all the blades that fall under the curved sharped belly category. It is commonly used to remove skin lesions, in an organ biopsy or to perform fine neurological applications.
  • The #22 and #23 are larger blades that are designed to achieve bigger incisions majorly while performing a thoracotomy or a laparotomy.
  • A #11 blade is available in triangular shape and has a sharp tip, owing to which it is also known as a stabbing blade. Highly useful in making short and precise cuts for insertion of chest tubes or drains.
  • The #12 blade is available in a curved shape and is used for eliminating sutures.

The choice of surgical blades is mostly with the ones that are thinner so that their handling is easy, smooth and flexible. Apart from the Scalpel Blade, Surgical Instruments UK, the surgical instruments used for grasping, suctioning, holding, aspirating, retracting, exposing and clamping purposes.


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