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Medical is one of the most thriving industries in the market and it has always been that way. Healthcare is always considered a priority by people around the globe. Therefore, the medical industry is prioritized and funded in many countries. The medical industry is a vast industry with professionals, doctors, specialists, nurses, equipment, machinery, and healthcare center, etc. machinery and equipment are the most important components of the medical industry as without these even doctors cannot do anything.

Jimmy medical is a medical instruments company based in the UK that offers a variety of medical equipment. Jimmy Medical offers surgical, dental, and orthopedic instruments. Along with instrument sets and other healthcare products.

Surgical instruments

They have surgical instruments fit for all types of surgeries. These are cardiovascular and thoracic instruments, diagnostic instruments, forceps for dressing and tissue, eye instruments, scissors for various purposes, intestines and rectal instruments, liposuction cannulas and sets, neurosurgery instruments, needle holders, gynecology instruments, plaster shears, dissecting blades and knives, urology instruments, tubes, and needles.

Plastic surgery instruments

Plastic surgery is very common nowadays, both for cosmetic purposes and for burns, etc. They offer Ballenger swivel knives, Kirschner retractor along with extra blades, semm abdominal retractors.

Orthopedic instruments

This category has instruments used for bones. They have bone reduction forceps, bone curettes, Walter retractor, cast spreader, bone rongeur, bone clamp, Hibbs retractor, and bone elevator, bone holding forceps, bone cutting forceps, and many other instruments used for orthopedic purposes.

Instrument sets

They also offer proper kits of instruments for various purposes instead of single instrument these kits are easy to carry and are ideal for travel purposes. They are also used in medical camps and for emergencies. They have an abdominoplasty set, abdominal hysterectomy set, amputation set, basic craniotomy set, anterior and posterior repair set, basic eye surgery set, bowel surgery set, cesarean section set, and many more.

Hollow ware instruments

In normal language, this category includes trays and bowls used in surgeries, etc. they have hollowware bowls, bedpan, instrument box, wire basket, and kidney trays. 

The dental instruments category has all the instruments possibly required for dental purposes. They also offer disposable instruments under the single-use category and tungsten carbide instruments.

Jimy Medical

Jimmy medical is a well-known and well-reputed company for medical instruments based in the UK. Their services are not limited to the UK and can be availed from other areas. They offer a variety of medical instruments along with instrument sets at reasonable prices. Their products are of high quality and are well-reviewed by the customers. In most products, they have options of different sizes which doctors can get for different purposes. Jimmy medical’s services and products are essential and ideal for established medical institutes with complex surgeries. Medical professionals can visit their site to avail their services, they also have a chat forum for their customers.


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