In the Spotlight: K-Wires

We’re taking some time to look at one of our simplest yet most popular products – Kirschner wires (K-wires). In this blog post you’ll find heaps of resources and information as Product Manager Becca shares some insight to some commonly asked questions:

How are K-Wires Made?

“We keep stock of bars of European grade stainless steel in our factory in Southend-On-Sea. Our highly skilled technicians then cut each wire down to size and hand sharpen each trocar tip. If the wire requires a thread we then use a machine to individually thread each wire. The details are then processed through the system, all materials that were used are logged for our traceability reasons and then processed through for sterilization. During this time they are individually machine packed with protective tubing and blister pouches to protect the wires and packaged accordingly, the packaging usefully includes several patient labels for the hospitals use of patient record traceability. The packaging of our sterile wires will always include product number, product description, expiry date (5 years), manufacturing date and the GTIN barcode. We hold all popular sizes in stock, ready for same-day dispatch.”


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